Morning at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens, Cactus area

After two days in a row of rain and clouds, I awoke this morning to brilliant blue sunny skies, so I finally made good on my wish to visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I was especially interested in their Butterfly Garden, which is toted as “one of the best butterfly houses in the country” on their webpage.

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Nekoka, a short photographic study


He is handsome and dignified.


He is calm, sedate even, and extremely well balanced. 


He never over-indulges in catnip.

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Finally, a Plant I Can’t Kill


I think my crochet cactus turned out kind of cute, and as an up side, I think even I can keep this one alive.  I mean, I might have to wash it now and then but I can skip the fertilizing!  I have three more patterns with different amigurumi cactus to make – I’ll have a whole yarn garden!

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More Cat TV Tucson Style



A new critter on Cat TV has been teasing Nekoka.  But don’t let his intent demeanor fool you – Nekoka is petrified of the out of doors.  I crack open that door and he’s under my bed way before the squirrel even blinks.

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Cheapest Parrot Toy Ever


A newspaper insert is all it takes.

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Nekoka Is Depressed


What could be causing his sorrow?


Gee, I wonder.

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So It Does Cloud Up In Tucson.


It is monsoon season here in Tucson, Arizona, and I must say I’m enjoying the dramatic weather changes that brings.  I mean, as much as I love the seemingly never-ending stream of sunny days, I find I’ve missed actual, well, weather.   You know, like clouds and rain and such.   So it is good to know that there is a season here where it does get cloudy, and it has even rained!   Four times so far that I’ve personally witnessed, and two of them were pretty heavy (the other two times, well, if there were at least enough water drops to be noticeable on my front window, that counted as rain).

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