Merlin the Cat Food Thief

He acts all innocent and everything, but Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus parrot, is such an instigator!  Whenever it gets real quiet, that’s when I know to grab my camera.  Look what the numb-skill was up to this time!

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If you let those dern parrots take over my cat tower, I can definitely sit on their play pen.

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Bandit Bonanza with Merlin on the Side


Bandit and Merlin have informed me that they haven’t gotten enough blog time.  I wanted to do an entry about my four day trip back to Pennsylvania, but that will have to wait as the sheer cuteness of my little green monster wins out over snow.

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The Place To Be


In my home, the place to be seems to be the windowsill in my office.  It can be enjoyed on your own, as Nekoka is exhibiting above.

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Buddies… Most Of The Time, Anyway


Merlin just adores Bandit, and most of the time Bandit will cave in to his begging and give Merlin’s feathers a good workout.  This completely blisses Merlin out.  He tolerates me scratching his head, but when Bandit is amenable, Merlin is in total heaven.

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King of the Hill


King of the Hill


Each room in my new house in Tucson has these little alcoves up near the ceiling.  I have some boxes stuffed in the one in my office, and all my good china (which has come down all the way from my great-grandmother to me) in the living room one.  Since my house is very tiny, that extra storage space comes in handy!   It has, however, proven to be a challenge Nekoka has not been able to resist.

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No Comment


OK well I tried not to comment but I can’t help myself.

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