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If you let those dern parrots take over my cat tower, I can definitely sit on their play pen.

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Bandit Bonanza with Merlin on the Side

Bandit and Merlin have informed me that they haven’t gotten enough blog time.  I wanted to do an entry about my four day trip back to Pennsylvania, but that will have to wait as the sheer cuteness of my little … Continue reading

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The Place To Be

In my home, the place to be seems to be the windowsill in my office.  It can be enjoyed on your own, as Nekoka is exhibiting above.

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Buddies… Most Of The Time, Anyway

Merlin just adores Bandit, and most of the time Bandit will cave in to his begging and give Merlin’s feathers a good workout.  This completely blisses Merlin out.  He tolerates me scratching his head, but when Bandit is amenable, Merlin … Continue reading

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King of the Hill

  King of the Hill   Each room in my new house in Tucson has these little alcoves up near the ceiling.  I have some boxes stuffed in the one in my office, and all my good china (which has … Continue reading

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No Comment

OK well I tried not to comment but I can’t help myself.

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Wool Shawls for Arizona? Hey, It Can Get Chilly At Night!

As I may have mentioned, crochet is what helped me stay sane over the last year while I dealt with planning and executing my move across the country.  This pattern is called Persephone and is done in an Apple Tree … Continue reading

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This Is Why I Prefer Vertical Blinds

Horizontal blinds, besides being much better dust trappers than vertical blinds, also make a lot more noise when a big yellow cat squeezes his huge body between the slats to get closer to the window.

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Settling In Nicely

Today, for the first time since I moved here to Tucson (can it be over three weeks already!), we had a cloudy day all day.

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All Is Right In Their World

I found a schematic online which helped me remember how to assemble the dern cat tower, and I finished it putting it together last night.  Sassafrass was the first to ascend, and insisted on posing for a photo immediately.

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