Bandit Takes a Bath


One of the most enjoyable aspects of life with an evolved dinosaur… err… parrot… is watching them take a bath.


When Bandit wants one he really wants one, and makes no bones about it by flying to my shoulder the minute I let him out of his cage after work, then yanking on my collar till I take him upstairs.


Merlin of course comes with (he will not be left behind), and he observes from the top of the shower door.


While Merlin prefers a shower, Bandit loves nothing better then sticking his head under a dripping faucet, then rolling around, feet secure in a wash cloth.

DSCN0832 - Copy

I do make him wait till I get my contact lenses out first.  I’m not really sure why I do this, as he gets water all over my glasses.


He makes a huge mess splashing around.


I wipe everything down when he’s down and voila!  Clean bird, clean bathroom.

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