Suddenly… Christmas!

I have decided I want to get boots for myself for Christmas.  I haven’t had boots for years.  Come to think of it, it has been at least a decade since I had a nice pair of boots.  Purple boots.  Warm, fuzzy, comfortable purple boots.  So I headed to the mall.


I didn’t find any boots that called out to me.  Instead, I found a wonderful Welcome to Christmas parade!  Apparently, Santa decided to begin visiting Exton Square Mall.


And he brought the Chick-Filet Cow with him!


And a wonderful ice cream cone.


And a magnificent brass band!


And some adorable Christmas Cheerleaders, all of whom gave wonderful smiles for the camera.


Santa gave me a big belly laugh.


And Mrs. Santa had a beautiful big grin as well.


These two characters were entertaining the children while they waited for Santa to finish his walk and come hear their wishes.

So no boots for me – yet – but I loved the parade and even though it seems pretty early for Christmas, I felt some of that old Christmas Spirit anyway.

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