If I fits in it, I sits in it.

A cat’s number one credo.  Sassafrass truly embodies this statement.  Nekoka makes a token effort occasionally, but Sassy will never allow a newly-introduced container go un-occupied for more then the minimum allotted time.


Total elapsed time from emptying the original contents to total cat ownership… one minute thirteen seconds.


I had my face in the refrigerator, getting out my lunch (see how healthy!).  Shut the door, turned around… cat for lunch.


Bags deposited on bed to bag owned… two minutes. 


Nekoka decided this was more interesting then his nap, so he joined in.  But watch Sass take total control of the bag!  That bag did not stand a chance.


Nekoka tastes the twine to test its potential as a cat toy.


Sassy wins!

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