Merlin’s Turn

Merlin on the bouncy perch

Merlin is my Bronze-Wing Pionus.  He doesn’t seem to get the camera time as much as Bandit the Nanday (who you can see peeking in from the left) or the cats.  Perhaps it is because of his calm, laid-back demeanor.  He just isn’t as in-your-face as the other members of my menagerie.


I think the Bronze-Wings are the most beautiful of the pionus.  They have a subtle beauty that is exhibited best in bright sunlight, and in person.  Merlin is a mature pionus and his colors exhibit what makes the Bronze-wings so gorgeous. 

Merlin on the bouncy perch

The brilliant blue undertail with the orange feathers accentuating the neon.  The dark, rich blue of his body and head with the light peach under his throat.  The copper-tinted bronze of his wing coverts.  The huge rich brown eyes brought out by the pale eye circles.

Merlin on the bouncy perch

I love the expression in his eyes.  This is his “I’m about to attack the laundry basket” pose.  He has a serious thing for the laundry basket.

Merlin stalking the laundry

He needs to make sure I’ve folded everything correctly, I suppose.  Or that I haven’t hidden anything scrumptious in there.

Merlin and the laundry

He has no concern that Sassafrass is also interested in the basket.  At this point, I need to intervene.  I don’t want Sass to get hurt…

Merlin, Sassy and Laundry

This is his “I know there are sunflowers in that cup” look. 

Merlin and feed cup

He loves sitting in the kitchen window while I do dishes.  Bandit, of course, is on my shoulder at this point.  Merlin would rather supervise from a distance.

Merlin on the sill

This is his “scratch my head right now” pose.  Excuse me while I put the camera down and obey.

Scratch me!

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