Sundays are for rest

Especially if you are a cat. 

Sassafrass on my jeans

Sassafrass makes sure that the fresh-from-the-laundry jeans are folded properly.

Sassafrass pressing my jeans

Yes, they will do just fine for an afternoon nap.

Nekoka out cold

Nekoka, in the meantime, lounges in the chair by the deck, waiting for the afternoon sunlight to come through.

Huge yawn from Nekoka

The camera flash wakes him just long enough for a yawn, then back to sleep.


I think I’ll take a lesson from my cats.  Back to the couch.  I have The Aura waiting on the DVD player and a nice fresh blanket to huddle up under.  And some parrots to fend off…

Wazau, Bandit, and Merlin

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