If I can open it…

I will get into it.  This is a codicil to the first rule of Cat-dom which is, of course, “if I fits in it, I sits in it”.

Sassafrass, as usual in my little world, wins this one.  Nekoka could probably open the cabinet door if his life depends on it, but since he has Sassy and me, his life does not, so neither does he.


Step one… squeeze the foot into the door.


Go in from the top if the side proves awkward.


Once you can get your head in the opening, you are home free.


See rule one.


Please note that the carpeting came with the house and is as old as the house (meaning it is twenty-five years old).  Since I seem to be incapable of making any type of decision or taking any action with regards to improving or replacing anything until it is non-functional (which is why the refrigerator and stove and dishwasher are under five years old and, hence, work), please join me in my hope that it rots out from under my feet soon so that I can work around this psychological issue and replace it.

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