Too Much Turkey

or too much catnip? 


The belly is large but it doesn’t seem too overstuffed.  Look at the toes curling up.  Just looking at Nekoka in this pose makes me yawn.


I think the evidence speaks for itself.  I’m counting not one, not two, but three catnip toys in close vicinity here.  And there is a certain sparkle in his eyes.


This, however, is the face of a Nanday Conure with turkey in his stomach.  Neither one of my cats ate any turkey at all; I have no idea why since they loved it last year and couldn’t get enough.  Bandit though got his ration.


The bird would give me no peace at all from the moment that first whiff of turkey started drifting through the air.  He knew exactly what was coming. 


Such a cannibal.


I always overcook when I put my turkey in a bag.  I tried to lift it out of the roasting pan with a big spoon under the back end end, while grabbing the leg holder, after letting it sit to cool a bit.  The turkey broke in half.  But oh my goodness, it was so good. 

I have so much to be grateful for.  My son is happy, healthy, working and going to school full time, with a beautiful woman in his life.  My pets are also happy and healthy and lazy and loving.   My own body is in pretty good shape for being almost half a century old now.


My car has a great new purple paint job and is running fantastic, and my mechanic says she has many years left in her, which is wonderful for a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier with only 68 thousand miles.

I have a good job where I am helping to create software for hospitals to use to make people’s lives healthier and happier.  I have a great home and good friends. 


I give thanks for everything.  Cheers and here’s to the upcoming year and all the good things to come.

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