Classic If I Fits In It, I Sits in It

Cats have an inborn instinct to prove their ability to fit in almost any size container.   For some, it is their primary objective.  Sassafrass is the Queen of this cat credo and has demonstrated such since she and her brother Nekoka first came to live with me.

Sassafrass July 2005

I love the attitude here.  She’s just chilling.

Sassafrass July 2005

She looks so incredibly tiny here.  There is no way she’d fit into a soda can box these days.

Nekoka, November 2005

Nekoka shows that he can get into it too.  Freaky kitten!

Nekoka February 2006

Okay, this isn’t so much fitting in it as destroying it.  I guess it was a little bit more cramped then he expected.

Sassafrass July 2006

This one holds no challenge whatsoever.  See the look of disdain.  Here she is getting too big to fit into the Dr. Pepper carton.  She’d never admit it though.


Do not notice that she is bulging a bit over the sides of my old lunch box.  She definitely fits in it!  Can’t you tell from the smug look on her face?

Cats August 2006

This is cooperative sitting at its finest.  Nekoka will take the first turn in the lunchbox, then Sassafrass will settle in.

Cats and Laundry December 2006

More cooperation.  Need I mention that this was clean laundry?

Sassafrass February 2007

This one is my very favorite If I Fits In It photograph.  I walked into the kitchen, turning on the light, and this is what I see on the stove.  She is just totally nonchalant about the whole thing.  Kitten, it’s what’s for dinner….

Sass in Bandit's Cage, February 2008

Um, I have totally no comment about this one…

Cat in Luggage October 2008

Sassy is telling Nekoka that he always goes for the easier containers.  My luggage is no challenge at all.

Cats and Cupboards, June 2009

Nekoka once again takes the easy route with the cupboard.  Sass tries to figure out if both she and my lunch will fit in the same container.

Nekoka 2009

Nekoka finds the lunch box a bit more of a challenge then Sassy does.  She may be pleasantly plump, but he is a big muscular fellow.  He gives it his best effort.

Nekoka October 2009

What do you mean, it doesn’t count when you sit on it, not in it?


Sassafrass also tries to squeeze in a vote for on it versus in  it.


Sorry guys, but Bandit overrules you both.  “On it” does not count for the primary rule of “If I Fits In It, I Sits In It”.  As Bandit rules the roost in Wazeau’s World, that will be the final word on the subject.

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