She Pretends I’m Just A Warm Pillow

But I know Sassafrass loves me for more than my body heat on a cold morning.


She does tend to nibble on me until I move my feet to the exactly proper position.


Then she spares a moment to give Merlin a glare, informing him that she belongs here, not him.  He was very comfortable on my knee a moment ago; now he has been banished to the back of the couch.


She is almost in a comfortable position, only one small adjustment to make and then she gives me the “don’t you dare move” look.


I love this cat.  She will lay here and purr and keep my toes warm until I move upstairs to the computer room.  She won’t be happy about moving, but she obliges and comes with me.  Here she is supervising while I install my new (PURPLE) mouse.  She is ready to come to my assistance should I require help.


I love her crooked little face. She doesn’t let me brush her as often as Nekoka does (he insists on it every night, its our little bedtime ritual), but her fur is as soft as it looks.


Don’t you want to plant a kiss on that mug?  I know I do.  Even if she is giving me the “jeeze, not another flash in my face” face.

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