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Free Toys are More Fun

You can spend all the money in the world to make your cats and birds happy, but it’s the free toys with which they have the most fun. Who gets to go in first?  My money was on Sassafrass, and … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Boy

Nekoka is not the first cat I have adored.  How can one invite a cat into one’s household without falling in love with them to one extent or another.  I love his sister Sassafrass as much although in a different … Continue reading

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Parrot Personalities

Sometimes a photo opportunity can perfectly reflect the respective personality of each of my parrots .  And when I’m very lucky, both of them star in the same picture. Bandit, the Nanday Conure, mutilates the catalog with glee.  Merlin, the … Continue reading

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Catnip for Christmas

Always a big tradition in my household, presents for the animals outweigh presents for the humans two to one.  While I no longer actually decorate, I did have a nice pile of goodies to unwrap that my son and his … Continue reading

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Sassafrass likes to plant herself in the end table and await what she knows is coming… me grabbing my camera to immortalize the moment. Can she look any cuter?  Yes, she can! She wants to make sure I get her … Continue reading

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Sassafrass, Back in Business

After her disappointing exhibition of Cat Credo #1 (if I Fits in it, I Sits in it) the other day, Sass decided to redeem herself tonight. All was quiet in the living room.  Too quiet…  But what is that?  The … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Attic

Nekoka is hearing ghosts in the attic again.  I tell him it’s a mouse, and he should be going into some sort of cat hunter mode.  He exhibits his usual grace by managing to not knock anything off the overcrowded … Continue reading

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