She Always Manages

To be the first one in any new box I bring into the house.  It is uncanny.

Sassy and the Ugg box

I opened the box, took out my brand new boots, removed the stuffing from them, set them down, then walked five steps to the trash can to throw out the stuffing.   Turned around and there was Sassafras.  This is her impression of an innocent face.

Sass and the Kindle

I love that my cats follow me all over the house.  Whatever room I go into, they are there ahead of me (yes, they race me up the stairs).  Sassafrass is monitoring my Kindle while it recharges.  She is very conscientious.


Nekoka meanwhile is gazing off towards the left.  They are pretending there is something very intriguing over there – note that Sassy is feigning interest as well.  I see nothing out of the ordinary.  This is a frequent behavior pattern.  Usually however they are looking halfway up the wall, or into an empty ceiling corner.  I admit to being freaked out when they do this to me.  I am sure it is on purpose; they’d like me to think I’m crazy Smile

That is a stuffed cow behind Sass.  What can I say, I have a friend who is really into cows.

First stuffed cow


Second stuffed cow

This one is particularly adorable.  But no matter how cute, the cows can’t compare to the cats in my life.  I like my cuddles with purrs.

Sassafrass and Nekoka as kittens

You can see that they are siblings.  Sassy has Neko’s back legs.

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