After the Bath, another Bath

Every couple of days, Bandit, my Nanday Conure, wants to take a bath.  His preference is to roll around in the sink on a washcloth.  He lets me know when he finishes, and I help him out of the sink and onto the towel rack, where he usually patiently waits for me to finish my home-from-work bathroom tasks. 

Bandit the Nanday Conure

He had a very short bath this evening; he is barely wet.

Merlin the Bronze Wing Pionus

Merlin the Bronze-Wing Pionus patiently watches from the shower door.  I keep a towel there just to keep his feet comfortable.


Apparently, Bandit has decided that his bath was incomplete.  Conveniently, his still-damp washcloth is also hanging on the towel rack.  He fluffs up a bit in preparation.


Oh yeah!  Wet washcloth! 


I think he’s trying to get his arm… err.. wingpits here.


Uh oh, a bit too much enthusiasm and the washcloth has fallen to the floor.  Never fear, Mom is here to retrieve it.


Merlin isn’t sure exactly what Bandit is up to.  He looks like he is considering throwing down the dry washcloth.


I love how the orange on Bandit’s leg is peeking out beneath the bright green.  Nandays are such beautiful conures, in addition to being loving, sweet, amusing, and mischievous.  That their screeches are deafening is beside the point. 

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4 Responses to After the Bath, another Bath

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  2. Hallysann says:

    I’ve been using the Random Post button again ..
    Beautiful action shot on the towel rail, and now I shall smile everytime I look at the heading photo.

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