Why Bother, It Just Gets Dirty Again

There was something seriously wrong with me today.  I’m not sure why, but after breakfast I suddenly began cleaning the house.  This never happens.  I must be ill.

My Coffee Table, Clean

Look what I did to the coffee table!  I mean, you can see through the glass.  Point of fact, not only can you see through it, but you can see that it exists!  No bird crap.  No cat hair.

My Coffee Table, Normal

This is the true, normal, state of my coffee table.  This is what it will probably look like again tomorrow.


Not only did I clean the coffee table, but the end table too!  Holy cow, I even dusted off the lamp shade.  That is Sassafrass cuddled up in Tony’s arms in the picture.  She was just a baby.  That was probably the last time the end table was cleaned.


You probably can’t tell, but I actually removed and threw away a bunch of stuff from the top of my entertainment unit, and I not only dusted, but cleaned the glass window! Inside and out no less!  I’m concerned for my mental health. 


The birds are watching me as if I am insane.  While I do vacuum once a week (or thereabouts, no need to be too obsessive with it) just to keep somewhat ahead of the seeds and cat hair and bird droppings and cat litter, and I keep their cages clean and healthy, they probably don’t remember me with a dust cloth and handy-wipes.  They are also on each other’s cages.  They tend to do that.  They also take any opportunity to eat out of each other’s food dishes although I give them both exactly the same nuggets and seed treats.  Birdbrains… 


One of these days I will seriously get around to painting the living room.  I have the paint cans sitting in the kitchen waiting.  But then, why bother?  It will just get dirty again.  Bandit and Merlin agree.  Tend to one’s own feathers, let the walls take care of themselves.

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