Just Another Evening

Does Nekoka love me and just cannot wait for me to get home, or is he hungry for dinner?

Nekoka Waiting

Since Nekoka and Sassfrass were both waiting by the food bowls when I walked in the house,  I’m going with the hungry for dinner option.

Bandit, Ruffled

Bandit was in such a state of dishevelment one had to wonder what he could have possibly gotten into while I was at work.

Merlin on the couch

Merlin is all innocent – he is pretending he doesn’t know he isn’t supposed to be on the couch until I get the sheet in place.  I will have to check that he didn’t leave me a present on my afghan.

Nekoka fat and lazy

Nekoka after eating.  One second, I have to go bury my nose in that belly.  He is such a tease, how can I resist.

Sassafrass on the stairs

Sassafrass meanwhile is spying on me from the stairs.  She is waiting for me to go upstairs and put fresh water in the bathroom sink, which is the only place she will drink. 

I guess I am lucky they let me live here and wait on them hand and foot.  Hand and paw?  Hand and claw?

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