The Mailman May Hate Me

for how many boxes he has to cart up to my porch and dump by my front door, but Sassafrass and Nekoka could not be happier with their new toys.


I’m not sure how she squeezed into this one.  I’ve emptied the original contents (yet another exercise gadget, idiot me) and refilled it with the wrapping material, but she fits in it, so in it she sits.


Look at that smug little mug.  She could not be more pleased with herself.


She tries to show Nekoka how its done.  He gets bored quickly though and doesn’t make it into the box.


Then she retires back to her spot on my pocketbook on the kitchen table.  I don’t know what’s up with this, it is the third night in a row she’s decided this is the most comfortable spot in the house.


Here’s a side view to show her ambivalence with my photographic skills.  She won’t look at me no matter how many kissy noises I make at her.


She is perfectly centered on the pocketbook.  How can this be comfortable?  I mean its got a wallet and a brush and other assorted junk in it.  Its even balanced on the new phone book; that corner can’t feel good sticking into one’s belly.  Claiming ownership of my belongings is that important to Sass.

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