I Have No Intention Of Tripping You

Nekoka looks as innocent as possible as he poses at the top of the staircase.  There is plenty of room, go ahead, step on over me.


I’m not even watching you, Mom.  This is not a trick.


Can I look any more innocent?  I’m an angel, honest.


I’m not watching.  Go on downstairs.


La, la, la.  You totally trust me, Mom.  I love you, I would never try to grab your tender feet with my claws as you sneak by.


Can’t you see the halo up there over my head?


Sassafrass mutters “fool” under her breath, then to me, “You don’t actually believe him, do you?”


Mom, you okay?  Mom?


Fill my food dish while you are down there.  Snicker.

[NOTE: no humans were injured during the creation of this blog entry.]

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5 Responses to I Have No Intention Of Tripping You

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  2. Flo says:

    I think Nekoka and George may be related.

  3. The Big Girl says:

    OK…first of all Nekoka looks like my Jazzpurr, second, I’m glad I live in an apartment…no stairs…b ut Coupurr finds away to trip me anyhow!

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