On Such A Gloomy Day


It makes sense to break out the toys!  Merlin takes one of his own feathers and has a good time scratching his head with it.


He won’t share with Bandit, however.  That’s okay, Bandit is busy straightening out his breast feathers.


It is so dark in the living room that I have to turn on the chandelier, which makes a lovely reflection in the window.  Bandit has finished with his feathers; he looks magnificent as usual.


Merlin digs even deeper into his ear.  I get the same glazed look when I’m using a Q-tip.


Done with that ear, let’s do the chin now.


Oh yeah,that feels so good!


Sassafrass meanwhile considers the potential in the box I just emptied.


My camera reflexes are lax today.  I did get this shot of her leaping out of the box though. Hover-cat in action!


The box wasn’t as much fun as she had hoped, because it was full of trash.  Let’s try the Dynamite catnip stick!


This definitely has some fun potential.


Perfect size for both front and back leg action.


It has got a good weight to it and it tastes yummy.


She’s not sure why I’m down on my belly taking pictures.  She almost stops playing to come see what I’m doing.


But the toy is irresistible. 


She is daring me to try to take it away, but I’m not moving my fingers off the camera.


She rarely gets this into playing with any of the toys.  Look at that fluffy belly.  Its almost more then I can resist.


Her eyes are looking a bit freaky in this picture. 


She’s thinking that is about all of the flashbulb in the face she can tolerate.  By the time the camera was ready for another shot, she had charged me and was bopping me in the nose.  I love this cat, she is such a sweetheart.  Time to cuddle up on the couch and watch WALL-E.  Gloomy days like today are perfect for tear-jerker cartoons.

Oh in case you were wondering, lazy bones Nekoka is asleep upstairs.  He fled when I ran the vacuum.  I do that now and then, but not enough for him to get used to it.

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