It’s Snowing Blackbirds

Always a freaky sign of the season, the blackbirds are swarming like crazy here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

blackbirds swarming

I left work this afternoon thrilled as all get out, since I won’t have to go back to work until Tuesday January 4th!  And not only was it snowing, but the trees edging our back parking lot were infested with blackbirds.

blackbirds swarming

The noise was incredible.  Something startled them as I was trying to capture some decent photos, and they all burst into the snow-filled sky with an explosion of wings.

blackbirds swarming

By the time I got the light drifting of snow off my little purple Chevy, they had begun to settle back in the trees.

Bandit and Merlin waiting for dinner

Finally home, my own birds were getting a bit antsy for their dinner.  They knew I was nuking some mixed vegetables for tonight, which is a special treat for them and I.  They get their own little dish, which they are anxiously anticipating.

Bandit - my dinner or your kindle!  I'm chewing on one or the other in the next two minutes.

Bandit is saying “Hurry up already, before I destroy your Kindle!”

Merlin waits politely for veggies.

Merlin is much more polite about waiting.  But he does love his corn and peas. 

I hope I don’t end up having to shovel snow tomorrow on the first day of my end-of-the-year vacation!  But if so, I get to break in my new winter boots and get some snow photos Smile

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