Ghosts in the Attic

Nekoka is hearing ghosts in the attic again.  I tell him it’s a mouse, and he should be going into some sort of cat hunter mode. 


He exhibits his usual grace by managing to not knock anything off the overcrowded shelf on the secondary computer desk while he searches for some means to access the attic.


Then he graces me with the “Stupid Mom” look, informing me he has no way to actually get into the attic.  He moves to the other computer desk to see if that vantage point allows him any better access.  Nope, still no way to get up there.


But he does get to give me the “Stupid Mom” look from a different angle.


He loves looking down on me.  I should be thanking him for dusting that shelf.  I’ll need to take a wet rag to him when he comes down to get all the bunnies off his tail.


It is my job after all, as the official cat servant of the household.


Miss High and Mighty herself decides to check out Nekoka’s cleaning job.  Sassafrass decides the shelf is cleaned off to her satisfaction.   But no ghosts or mice for that matter.

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