Sassafrass likes to plant herself in the end table and await what she knows is coming… me grabbing my camera to immortalize the moment.

Sassafrass posing

Can she look any cuter?  Yes, she can!

Sassafrass posing, side view

She wants to make sure I get her from every angle.  This one shows off her beautiful white throat and the gorgeous crooked orange patch up her face.


Bandit and Merlin prefer to pose on my knee.  Well, Merlin was on my knee, but Bandit refuses to share and Merlin backed off to safety on the couch.  I would like to have more photos of the devil duo to post, but it is really hard to shoot them without me in the shot when they refuse to leave me alone.

Bandit and Merlin destroying my living room

I can bribe them onto the coffee table with food or paper to shred.

Bandit ripping up paper

My living room is carpeted with ripped up bits of paper, cat toys and hair, seed husks and nuggets, and bird poop.  How many vacuum cleaners have I destroyed?  Too many to count.  Am I the only pet owner who keeps a shop vac in the living room closet?

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