Catnip for Christmas

Always a big tradition in my household, presents for the animals outweigh presents for the humans two to one. 

Christmas 2010

While I no longer actually decorate, I did have a nice pile of goodies to unwrap that my son and his girlfriend sent me.  I just loved having so many boxes to rip into… and so did the cats.  They sent me a lovely calendar, a Bad Cats day-to-day calendar, a wonderfully-smelling strawberry candle, and some bird crunchies.

Investigating the bird toys

Sassafrass and Nekoka adore helping me open presents.  They were especially interested in the bird toys.  They did not quite get why I moved them so quickly into the bird cages, but the parrots were thrilled to get some new chew toys that were not covered in cat slobber.

Sassafrass wondering where her presents are

Sassy cannot understand where the cat nip toys are hiding.  I had them hiding in plastic inside the TV cabinet drawer, which is too heavy for Sass to open.  I like saving them for last.  It is one of my few opportunities to play turnabout on the cats.

Nekoka searching for catnip toys

Nekoka is sure some catnip toys are around somewhere – he can smell them.

Sassafrass with the catnip snake

Oh yea, that’s more like it!

Nekoka with the purple catnip toy

Thanks, Mom!

Sassy passed out on my bed

It was a long rough day playing with catnip.  Sassafrass had to retire early to recover.  But we had a lovely Christmas day and hope everyone else had the same, whether or not catnip was involved.

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