Parrot Personalities

Sometimes a photo opportunity can perfectly reflect the respective personality of each of my parrots .  And when I’m very lucky, both of them star in the same picture.

Merlin watching Bandit go to town

Bandit, the Nanday Conure, mutilates the catalog with glee.  Merlin, the Bronze-wing Pionus, watches from the sidelines, a serene look on his face.

Merlin monitoring Bandit

Merlin doesn’t even flinch, maintaining his pigeon-toed stance as Bandit rips each page to shreds and tosses the confetti about the coffee table. 

Merlin keeps his eye on the wild one

Merlin gives me a little look as if to say, “I’m so sweet and he’s so damn rowdy, how can you possible love him more then me?” 

I can’t help myself, I just do.  Bandit has been with me since my son was five years old, which makes him at least twenty-three.  I don’t know how old he actually is since he was an adult when he found me in that pet store.  He climbed up from the top of the tiny little cage his previous owner kept him in, onto my shoulder and nudged himself under my hair tight against my neck.  I was a goner.

Merlin planning on nesting in my boots

Merlin joined us a few years later.  I got him from a breeder in Philadelphia, and had the opportunity to hand feed him for a very brief period after he came home with us.  He is the sweetest, gentlest bird, very curious, loving and quiet (compared to Bandit anyway).  I love him for himself, but Bandit will always be my best bird.

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