My Beautiful Boy

Nekoka is not the first cat I have adored.  How can one invite a cat into one’s household without falling in love with them to one extent or another.  I love his sister Sassafrass as much although in a different way, as she is her own unique personality.

Nekoka in the window

As a pair, they are the best cats I have ever lived with.  They are loving, gentle, playful, curious, and open with their affection.

Nekoka in the window, close up

Nekoka has been sick.  His veterinarian says he has feline allergic bronchitis, and has given him a shot and has checked his blood to make sure it isn’t heart worms causing the cough.  Neko is feeling much better since the shot, but the vet says this isn’t something that gets “cured,” just controlled (hopefully) with the shots and pills if/when the symptoms reoccur.

I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something new in the house that might have triggered the allergy.  I use scented candles, but have ever since they joined my household.  I haven’t burned any since he first started coughing just to be on the safe side.

He is barely five and half years old.  My poor beautiful boy.

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