Free Toys are More Fun

You can spend all the money in the world to make your cats and birds happy, but it’s the free toys with which they have the most fun.

Who gets to be first?

Who gets to go in first?  My money was on Sassafrass, and not just because Nekoka is still recovering from his bronchitis attack.  She is just sneaky that way.

Neko rests while Sassy circles the target

Neko realizes that he is not in tip top form, so he takes a breather and “allows” Sassy first go.  Yes, I know there are two big holes in the closet doors.  You have no idea how much damage a hormonal bronze-wing pionus can do in an extremely short time.

Checking out the competition

Sass, about to take the plunge.  She does not quite trust Nekoka (she has been hissing at him since he got back from the vet, but they did eat breakfast together as normal so she is almost over it) but she can’t let him ruin her reputation.


I was two seconds too late to get the photo of him bopping her over the head as she scooted into the bag.

Sass wins!

Sassy wins!  It is not because Nekoka let her either.  He just knew it was pointless to try.

Making sure Sassafrass has left the vicinity

But never fear!  Nekoka will get his turn!  He just has to make sure Sassafrass has left the vicinity.

On as high an alert as possible for Nekoka

Yep, she has finished with the bag and moved on to her mid-morning nap.

Nekoka owns the bag now

She senses his takeover however, and quickly returns to check out the situation.  No hisses though.  She takes a sniff and then leaves him to enjoy the bag, knowing she got the best of it already.

Nekoka monitoring me as I update Wazeau's World

I’m so glad Nekoka is feeling good enough to fool around with the bag.  He also resumed his normal perch on the shelf above my computer, which is a good jump.  He hasn’t coughed at all today that I’ve noticed, so the shot did its magic. 

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