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Sassafrass then… Sassafrass now… She hides her inner demons well now that she is full grown. Advertisements

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It Only Looks Uncomfortable

One of Nekoka’s favorite hang-out locations is the arm of my couch (which is covered with a sheet because the birds like to perch there as well).  While it isn’t exactly where I would choose to sleep, he enjoys the … Continue reading

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If I Wanted To Exercise, I’d Go To The Gym

But no!  I had to shovel forty tons of snow!  And it was the horrible wet stuff that clings to the snow shovel.  Not to mention that I had left said snow shovel outside, so yeah, it was covered with … Continue reading

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Nekoka, Oblivious

Sundays, for me anyway, are a day of chores, primary of which is getting the laundry done.  Before breakfast I strip the sheets from the bed to cart downstairs with the rest of the dirty clothes. Nekoka takes immediate advantage … Continue reading

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Nekoka and Sassafrass chilling on my pillows.  Not sure what they were doing before I came into the room, but they do seem to be trying to look innocent, so it couldn’t have been good.

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Waiting For Dinner

Can you tell that I have two dishes with corn, carrot, peas, and beans in my hands?  Err, well, I did have them in my hands but I had to put them down on the floor to grab the camera.  … Continue reading

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Too Much Computer

How do you know when you spend way too much time in front of a computer?  This can be tricky, especially if, like me, you work all day in the computer industry, and play all night on one MMORPG or … Continue reading

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