This Might Be Trouble

Generally speaking, my cats and parrots tolerate each other under my direct supervision.  I never leave the birds free in a room without me in it.  Of course this means when they are out of their cages, I always have their company — in the kitchen, the restroom, the computer room. 

Does Sassafrass even know Merlin is there?

But their reluctant toleration of each other doesn’t exactly mean that I allow them to play with the same toy at the same time.  I love my cats too much to put them under that kind of strain.  So when Merlin decided that Sassafrass had played with the bag long enough, and it was his turn, I grabbed my camera and hit the floor.

Sass pretends to not see Merlin testing the bag

I mean, I am going to rescue Sassafrass from Merlin any second, I swear.  And yes, this is the sweet, destructive little parrot who made those two big holes in the closet behind the bag.

Beady little yellow cat eye

Sass is not really preparing to pounce.  She just doesn’t quite understand why I haven’t plucked, breaded, and fried the poultry yet.  She is sure someday I will be sharing some pionus thigh meat with her.  I mean, she always gets some of the turkey, why not parrot?

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