It’s Not Easy, Working From Home

I looked out the window this morning after smacking off the alarm at 6:30, and saw nothing but snow.  For once I had the foresight to bring the laptop home, so declared myself WFH and plunked down on the couch to continue with this irritating issue I’ve been trying to debug since before my vacation.

Bandit is thrilled I'm home

My little flock does not make this easy, but they do keep it entertaining.  Bandit the Nanday is looking directly into the camera; he loves getting his picture taken.  I know I’m one of those crazy parrot ladies, but he is so beautiful, isn’t he?  Look at the gorgeous blue on his tail and wing feathers and the way the green around his neck and over his back feathers fluoresce with blue.

Did you really mean to use that variable?

I love getting junk mail catalogs – they make wonderful parrot toys.  Bandit cannot decide whether to continue to destroy this one, or laugh at me for my compilation errors.

If we keep bugging her maybe she'll get us a carrot

Merlin of course stays sedately off to the side, monitoring the situation.  He is just waiting for Bandit to move off a bit so he can get in some catalog action himself.  Bandit definitely rules the roost around here.

Merlin edges into the frame

You’ve got mail!

Are you sure its not for me?

Merlin watches Bandit who is just seconds away from testing the keyboard.  While Bandit is in your face glowingly spectacular, Merlin has a much more subtle beauty to him.  One of these days I’ll get some good photos of him taking a shower, and then you can see the incredible turquoise blue feathers he hides under his wings.


Oopps!  Get off the keyboard, Merlin!  But look how his color matches the screen. And you can see a bit of the turquoise blue under his wing, and the deep purple of his breast and just a hint of the orange under his tail.  Bronze-wing Pionus are simply stunning, especially in full sunlight.

Sassafrass watching the parrots cavorting

Sassafrass watches the goobers fooling around on the coffee table and then looks away in disgust.

Sassy, disgusted

Right after I put the camera down and got back to work, she decided it was time to get in some lap time.

This is why it is not easy, working from home.  Maybe I should just go out and shovel all that snow.

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