Lazy Sunday in Some Winter Sunshine

After finishing up the cage cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and most of the laundry, the crew and I lazed around enjoying the sunshine bouncing into the house from the snow outside.  It was a wonderful day.

Merlin preening

Merlin gave himself a manicure, balancing on my knee while we watched one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, Romy and Michele’s Highschool Reunion.  Bandit, of course, was tucked under my chin.

Nekoka trying to sleep

The cats were avoiding the sound of the vacuum and were relaxing in my room, which gets the full afternoon sun.  Nekoka gives me a little look from my freshly laundered bed.  He gets a tad irritated when I wake him up with the camera.

Sassafrass licking turkey juice off her face

Sassafrass cleans off the last little bit of turkey juice from her chin, posing in her favorite chair in front of the snow-covered porch.  She is going to be just as disappointed as I when we finish off the Christmas turkey.  There are only three baggies left in the freezer.  Cutting that bird up into single serving portions and freezing them immediately after cooking it was a great idea.  I avoided the whole over-indulgence that marred Thanksgiving. 

Nekoka smiling

Nekoka gives me a little smile that says he knows my definition of “single-serving” includes a little extra for him and Sassafrass.

Sassafrass cleaning her whiskers.

Sassafrass missed a little bit of turkey from her cheek.  She will get it though, she is pretty persnickety when it comes to keeping her fur clean and well-groomed.

It was so nice to have sunshine in the house even if it was only for a few hours.  I am already tired of snow and grey cold winter days.  Spring cannot come soon enough.

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