No More Of This, Please

I know it is beautiful.  I know shoveling it is great exercise, especially when you only have to during the winter when its hard to get exercise in other (warmer) ways.


These shots are of last week’s snow, which is still lingering on here in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The sun has been hiding behind a cold wet grey blanket of clouds that seem to be itching to drop even more of it on us.


I love watching the sun set behind the houses across my street.  I like watching from the warmth of my bedroom, behind the heavy glass patio door.  I don’t like having to watch it while bundled up in two pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, my Uggs, hat, gloves, and heavy winter coat, while shoveling snow and throwing down salt.


I don’t want to have to get up extra early to warm up my car before work.  And I don’t want to have to brush snow off of it, nor to shovel out the back driveway and alley to get there.


Please let it be spring soon.  I know its barely mid-January.  But I am sick of winter already.

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