Waiting For Dinner

Can you tell that I have two dishes with corn, carrot, peas, and beans in my hands?  Err, well, I did have them in my hands but I had to put them down on the floor to grab the camera.  Usually the little boogers are on my shoulders; they don’t like leaving me alone while I’m making dinner.  For some reason they decided tonight to wait on the coffee table.  I’m not complaining!  I love my birds but sometimes its like living with two clingy two-year boys.

Merlin waiting for vegetables

While my own dinner finishes up in the microwave, I divide my vegetables out into each parrot’s own individual dish.  These two little dinosaurs don’t share very well with each other, and I don’t particularly like chasing them away from my own vegetable bowl. 

Bandit waiting for vegetables

But they sure do look cute waiting for me to get the dishes off the floor onto the coffee table.  They are ready to dive in.  Bandit is giving me the evil eye, but Merlin is trying to decide if its safe to hop down onto the carpet and get in a few bites.

Bandit and Merlin getting hungrier

You have no idea how far across the living room a pionus or conure can fling the skin that was once wrapped around a pea.  The sheets aren’t there just to keep the birdshit off the floor and couch.

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