Nekoka, Oblivious

Sundays, for me anyway, are a day of chores, primary of which is getting the laundry done.  Before breakfast I strip the sheets from the bed to cart downstairs with the rest of the dirty clothes.

Nekoka sleeping on my blanket on the floor

Nekoka takes immediate advantage (and exercises Cats Credo #2, What’s Yours is Mine), by finding a comfortable spot to curl up and nap.

Nekoka sleeping on my blanket

He exhibits his usual unbearable cuteness, refusing to look at me as I snap his picture.  As usual, he is oblivious to the threat from above.

Sassafrass preparing to pounce

He didn’t move as I was putting the sheets on the bed, and he never noticed Sassafrass taking position.

This will be fun!

If I wasn’t standing there, ready to capture the evidence the minute she lands on his head, I’m sure Nekoka would have been toast.

Who, me?  I'm an angel!

Little Miss Innocent.  Like she never had any intention of pouncing on him.  I even snuck out into the hallway, but she knew I was there and restrained herself. 

Sassy out like a light

When I returned upstairs later with the rest of the laundry, both of them had assumed their normal positions.  Sassy was on her chair and barely opened her eyes as I took her picture.

Nekoka owns my sheets

Nekoka had moved from the floor to the center of my bed, making sure to get his soft yellow fur all over my nice clean sheets.  I expressed my gratitude by rubbing his fuzzy belly till he bonked me.

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2 Responses to Nekoka, Oblivious

  1. ryoko861 says:

    What beautiful cats you have!
    Mine stare at eachother as well, til Tigger decides he’s bored and attacks Shadow, who is the dramatic one and hisses and howls and runs away.
    They’re great entertainment!

  2. Wazeau says:

    Thanks! Having two cats is the best, isn’t it? Mine are siblings and while they love to chase and wrestle, they do still groom each other and cuddle up together – and not just for warmth either. Love cats 🙂

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