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Lazin’ On A Sunday Afternoon

Nekoka basking in the afternoon sunlight.  I love the way he has his one foot tucked up to the side. Sassafrass is in sprawled out under the chair in the sunshine – you can see her in the mirror behind … Continue reading

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Parrots In Position

I wish I could get a decent picture of my birds and I in our normal around the house activities.  But it just isn’t easy to shoot yourself with a bird on each shoulder. I’m trying to smile while Bandit, … Continue reading

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Why Do I Bother Doing Laundry?

Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy, and actually put the laundry away the minute I take it upstairs, things would be different. But I am just that lazy.   Well, to be fair with myself, I do put away the contents … Continue reading

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Beans and Rice Makes for Two Happy Parrots

Can you just see the anticipation in their eyes?  They saw me get out the little paper cup in which I freeze their bean mix, so they know its coming…. beans for dinner! This is the look of a Nanday … Continue reading

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What Are They Thinking?

Mom, you keep to much shit on your dresser? Nekoka is such a sexy devil? Every night while I’m in the restroom doing my “get ready for bed routine”, Nekoka waits on my dresser because he insists on at least … Continue reading

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Nekoka, Shameless

I have never met a cat who spent so much time on his back. I think its because he expends so much energy staring out the window wishing the snow would melt. Or waiting for Sassafrass to finish with the … Continue reading

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Sassafrass Is Such A Dish

But really, she doesn’t belong in a dish drainer.  Cat Credo #1 (If I Fits In It, I Sits In It) to the contrary, just because she fits in it doesn’t mean it is at all comfortable. Nor does she … Continue reading

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