Only Six Weeks Left of This!

I will not be sorry to see spring arrive early this year.  While I did not provide amusement to the neighborhood this morning by ending up on my ass at the bottom of my driveway, it was a very close call.

Frozen tree is frozen

Not only was my sidewalk, driveway, and car covered with a practically impenetrable coat of ice, the trees in my backyard were also frozen solid.

Frozen bush is frozen

It was disturbingly beautiful in that eerie way ice before complete sunrise over snow that refuses to melt can be.

Frozen cars are frozen

By the time I got my car un-iced and made it to work, the sun had risen but the cloud cover had become even denser with the freezing rain, turning everything into dull grey instead of the bluish tint from earlier.

Work trees are grey and frozen

The tree branches were still spectacular though.

Frozen branch is frozen

I cannot wait till spring. 

No more frozenness, please

I don’t want to see any more of this.

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2 Responses to Only Six Weeks Left of This!

  1. pegoleg says:

    Why does all that beauty have to be accompanied by so much inconvenience? I guess it’s the price we pay…sigh.

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