Now This is a Welcome Home

I’m not sure why Bandit decided to land on my head instead of his usual shoulder position, but for some reason, this is where he wanted to give me my Welcome Home screeches tonight.  I can’t believe he stayed up there while I grabbed the camera; I just wish he had stayed longer because this one came out so dark.  He flew back to the cages right after I got this photo. 

Bandit on Wazeau's head

Lovely view of the sheet on my couch!  A must when you can’t keep the birds and cats off the furniture Smile

Bandit on the TV shelves

I have no idea what has got into Bandit tonight.  Shortly after helping me feed the cats, he flies back out into the living room.  When I get in there, instead of being on his cage or on the couch, I find him on the television cupboard.  He never goes up there, I don’t know why it was suddenly an imperative location to explore.

Bandit Examining Candles

So that’s where all those strange smells come from?  She never burns these when we are out of our cages, no worries.  And you’d think with all these DVD’s her belly wouldn’t bounce around like it does.  Oh you have to actually watch them and exercise along with them for it to work?  Wow!

Nekoka lazing around

Nekoka doesn’t get it either.  But neither does he care enough to get up off his backside and investigate.

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