This is my mage in the latest Rift Beta.  She collects souls for fun and profit.  Here she is showing off her elementalist side.  This is going to be a great fun game when it goes live.

Dinone, my Rift Mage - I should only be this hot

When she is running around with my virtual friends killing horrific mobs, she switches to her chloromancer soul and we have a rip-roaring time.  Not as much damage, but I can keep them alive which is all that counts. 

If you are tired of WoW or EQ2 or any of the other current MMORPGs, try out Rift.  It may seem a bit like Warhammer or WoW, but it has a beauty and a sense of urgency that I’m hoping will bring in players and keep them.  I will sure be playing it – not giving up on EQ2 at all and will still raid there, but enjoying something new with a bit of spice.   The soul system is a real treat for those of us with altitis.   Only four callings (mage, cleric, rogue, warrior), but each calling has a huge collection of souls that can be swapped in and out at will (four sets of three you can save and load on the go, and back in town for a small fee, can reset them all). 

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