Sassafrass Is Such A Dish

But really, she doesn’t belong in a dish drainer.  Cat Credo #1 (If I Fits In It, I Sits In It) to the contrary, just because she fits in it doesn’t mean it is at all comfortable.

Sassafrass in the dish drainer.

Nor does she belong in my vegetable dish, which one sniff was enough to convince her.

Sassafrass checking out my vegetables.

There is nothing in this house that I can consider my own.

Nekoka owns the bag

If I was planning on taking the bag to the grocery store, I have another thing coming.  It isn’t mine, it is Nekoka’s apparently.

Nekoka making sure I know who is boss

Yep, definitely not mine.  Cat Credo #2 – What’s Yours Is Mine.

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5 Responses to Sassafrass Is Such A Dish

  1. ryoko861 says:

    OMG, is that true or what!??

    If there are ANY papers in your vicinity, rest assured my cat will find it and lay on them!

    Sitting at the table eating? Yes, you will joined by the cat on the table. Guaranteed.

    They are certainly set in their ways!

  2. Cats ! We have 2 also. Talk about attitude ! The only possble reason for a human to exist is……….to feed them. 🙂

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