Nekoka, Shameless

I have never met a cat who spent so much time on his back.

Nekoka, Shameless

I think its because he expends so much energy staring out the window wishing the snow would melt.

Will this snow ever melt?

Or waiting for Sassafrass to finish with the laundry basket so he can take his turn.  If he can bring himself  to move out of the sunshine.

Enjoying the sunshine... and the laundry basket

Or trying to figure out how to leap inside the bag before Sassafrass can get in it.

Can Nekoka get in first?

Obviously, he fails and Sassafrass wins.  She is sneaky that way.

Sassafrass wins first in the bag again

She gets a lick behind the ear for first prize. 

Sassafrass getting a kiss

Nekoka is nothing if not fair.

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2 Responses to Nekoka, Shameless

  1. ryoko861 says:

    aww, they’re so sweet! Mine are nothing like that. Tigger just taunts Shadow and Shadow just hisses the runs away. We’re trying to get Shadow to grow some “balls” (it’s a she cat, but you get the idea).

    I love the way Nekoka licks Sassafrass’s ear! So cute!

  2. Wazeau says:

    I think they have a lot of affection for each other; they are siblings after all. Sass, the female, can get a bit aggressive with him even though Nekoka is so much bigger. These are the sweetest cats I’ve ever lived with.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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