Beans and Rice Makes for Two Happy Parrots

Can you just see the anticipation in their eyes?  They saw me get out the little paper cup in which I freeze their bean mix, so they know its coming…. beans for dinner!

Bandit ready for dinner

This is the look of a Nanday Conure intent on getting to the coffee table on which his little dish of food awaits.

Merlin ready for dinner or a head scratch, whichever comes first

This is how the more laid-back Bronze-Wing Pionus indicates his eagerness to participate in the demolishment of dinner.

Bandit and Merlin get ready to chow down

They usually don’t share well so they each get their own dish.  They have no manners either which is why I have all the furniture and floor protectors in place.  Although I’m sure it would be neater to eat in the kitchen, we prefer our dinners in front of the TV.

Bandit nom nom nomming his beans

Nom nom nom…

Merlin nom nom nomming his beans

More nom nom nomming.  In case you are wondering, I soak a bag of dried bean mix over night, then cook till they are softish but not squishy.  I usually add a half a bag of wild rice and some popcorn in the last half hour or so.  Then I spoon the mix into little paper cups and freeze them.  I feed the birds the mix every couple of days as their dinner.  The other nights they get some of whatever vegetables I’m eating. 

Bandit invades Merlin's space.

Bandit decided Merlin’s plate looked much more flavorful and interesting.  Merlin isn’t so sure he wants to share.

Merlin asking me to get Bandit out of his dish.

Mom, quit taking pictures and get him out of my dish! 

I takes me twice as long to clean up on bean dish nights.  What a mess they make of my coffee table.  But I love do love my birds, spoiled as they are.

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6 Responses to Beans and Rice Makes for Two Happy Parrots

  1. ryoko861 says:

    I hear ya on the mess. I presently have two of my 5 chickens living in my laundryroom. The rooster almost died of hypothermia a couple weeks ago, so we rushed him into the house and he survived, but can’t be outside until it gets warmer. Needless to say, they don’t clean up after themselves. But they’re a joy to have around. I do hope it gets warmer soon though.

    Your birds are beautiful! They must be fun to watch interact with eachother!

  2. Snailquake says:

    Always lovely to see pets taking charge of a home. 🙂

  3. Wazeau says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sick of winter myself. I want to let some air into the house! Roosters in the laundry room, bet that can get a tad noisy as well as messy 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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