Parrots In Position

I wish I could get a decent picture of my birds and I in our normal around the house activities.  But it just isn’t easy to shoot yourself with a bird on each shoulder.

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take One

I’m trying to smile while Bandit, my Nanday Conure,  is whispering his little kisses into my ear.  If I look exhausted, it is because I am!  Merlin, the Bronze-Wing Pionus, is thinking to himself “Man, here she goes with that camera again.”

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take Two

Now both parrots are looking at down at Sassafrass (my female cat) who is wiggling around my feet trying to distract me.  She is no help whatsoever.

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take Three

Merlin is rubbing his beak up and down my cheek in his “I’m so cute, you really want to scratch my head now” foot in the air pose.  Bandit is tucked into my palm; he loves pushing against my hand more then he likes me to scratch him.

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take Four

Merlin is really getting into rubbing my cheek here.  Bandit is getting jealous, he’s scootching closer to my neck.  I’m trying to look into the mirror at the camera to see if I have a good angle, I don’t know why that looks like I’m staring up into the sky in these pictures.

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take Five

Merlin is staring at a bird flying past the patio door.  Bandit has gotten bored and has decided to preen his back feathers.

Bandit, Wazeau, and Merlin Take Six

Bandit has just about had enough and is one flap away from exiting stage left.  Merlin keeps on looking sweet and loving (he fakes that so well, doesn’t he?).

Bandit has had enough.  Nekoka wants more.

Yup, off went Bandit to the CD stand.  Nekoka is wondering how delicious he would be fresh off the wing.  The cats just don’t understand why I haven’t fried up parrot for them yet.

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5 Responses to Parrots In Position

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Aw, they are the sweetest! They truly enjoy the attention! Aren’t they the best company? Such entertainment! Kitty already had his camera day. Birdies turn!

    I should do some posts on my Bantam Chickens that are presently living in my laundry room. They’re so funny to watch!

  2. Snailquake says:

    Hahaha! You look more exasperated in each picture. Lots of parroty personality shining through from Bandit and Merlin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. lifewith4cats says:

    hahah As I slowly scrolled these pics I was just thinking to myself how Merlin always looks so thoughtful just seconds before I got to the part where you say “Merlin keeps on looking sweet and loving (he fakes that so well, doesn’t he?).” Its like your post was reading my mind! heheh

    • Wazeau says:

      Well he is sweet and loving most of the time! But he can be a real imp and an instigator when the mood strikes. I absolutely adore the pionus personality though, it sure is a contrast to the Nanday!

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