Is Dinner Done Yet?

Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus, enjoys monitoring my progress as I make dinner for us all.  Our routine rarely varies, so the last week or so which has had me stuck at work later than normal has upset us quite a bit.  Tonight, Merlin has decided to keep a very close watch so that I don’t forget anything.

Merlin monitoring dinner prep

Nekoka makes sure I have not forgotten to add some carrots and olives to my dinner.  He is so considerate!

Nekoka investigating the salad

He wanted me to toss in some parrot too, but Merlin skedaddled away to my shoulder for safety.

Nekoka contemplating adding parrot to the mixture

As you can see, we all enjoyed the salad immensely.  Bandit my Nanday preferred the bean dish however.  When I picked up the camera he retired to my shoulder so I didn’t get any pictures of him munching down tonight.

Merlin finishing off my salad

Merlin makes sure there are no left overs.  Anything the parrots don’t eat goes on the floor. 

While I don’t mind occasionally having to put in some extra hours at work, it really does upset the routine and I miss the time with my flock while there is light in the day.  They get especially cranky if they don’t get any fly time.  Both my parrots are flighted and they love their time out of the cage.  I try very hard to keep their sleep schedule intact, so when I am late getting home, they get shorted.  Only one more day though, and it is weekend time… and that means lots of playtime for the flock, the cats, and me!

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2 Responses to Is Dinner Done Yet?

  1. ryoko861 says:

    I try to keep a schedule with the chickens. They know when it’s time to go “to bed”. The rooster starts making his sounds and if I’m upstairs, he’ll hop up each step and find me and let me know he wants to be “tucked in”. He only does this during the late afternoon when it’s time.

    Animals are so intuitive.

  2. Wazeau says:

    My birds understand the word “bed” as well as “night night”. I ask them, “Ready for Bed?” or “Night night time, guys?” and they immediately react by going into their “step up” stances, or if they are already on me, they nod or give little “beep beep” squawks. They want regularity. Parrots are so smart, and it sounds like chickens are too 🙂

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