Spoiled? Not my pets, no sir!

Nekoka, purring in my lap

Dare I admit how much I love my cats? 

Sassafrass in a fiesty spring mood

And how much I spend on toys and furniture for the little brats?

Nekoka wondering why I stopped scratching his chin to take his picture.

Because they love me too, and not just because I feed them and give them a soft warm lap to cuddle up in.  This is the face of a very happy cat.  He is purring his head off.  And yes, he is the only cat I’ve ever owned whose nostrils I have to periodically swab out.  I don’t know how he gets so much gunk up in there.

Sassafrass preparing to pounce

I know spring is almost here because Sassafrass has gone nuts in their apartment cat tower.  She is about to jump out to pounce on unsuspecting Nekoka.  Unfortunately my skills at the quick shot suck, it is way to blurry to post.

Merlin and Bandit are glad I'm home

The parrots are also beginning with the spring Drive Me Crazy routine.  Merlin wants his head scratched, Bandit just wants up on my shoulder.  This next month or so will be painful as they fight over my attention.  I have to be extra careful and resort to making them alternate who gets out of the cage until their hormones settle down.  It’s the only time of year I ever get bitten too when I forget to exercise caution.  Gotta love the parrots and springtime!

Spring Forward does make for some beautiful morning shots on the way to work.

Despite it all, thank goodness it is almost spring.  I can’t wait till the trees are green again in the early morning light.

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13 Responses to Spoiled? Not my pets, no sir!

  1. No Parrots (you’d think a Pirate would have at least one), but I do have 2 cats on board. Wouldn’t want to live without them. Like yours, they are very happy cats, thanks for sharing!

    • Wazeau says:

      I can’t imagine a pirate without at least one parrot! But I’m sure your cats are much happier without – I know mine think I’m nuts for not stuffing and roasting the noisier members of my household.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. ryoko861 says:

    You have to spoil them. They’re with us for such a short time in life. Give them the best!

  3. a.m. kuska says:

    Jealous lil parrots. They’re cute anyway!

  4. Wazeau says:

    Don’tcha know it 🙂 It makes me happy to make them happy!

  5. sgiansante says:

    Lovely. I can’t imagine having any type of birds around my cats. Their hunting skills are too developed! I always feel sorry for the ones that sneak inside my house. Sooner or later, I always find the carcass under the sofa. 😦

    • Wazeau says:

      I never leave my parrots out of their cages unsupervised… but it is the cats I worry for. A parrot with an attitude will usually send my cats running. I do understand the danger though and never take chances.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. lifewith4cats says:

    I rarely ever meet a pionus owner. I befreinded a pionus once and was so impressed with his mellowness and quirky sense of humor. I named him frankenstein because he looked the part. But conures are noisy 24/7, you meen it gets even louder in spring? That sounds like torment to me. 🙂 Conures are on my do not own list. But I love parrots and birds so much. Its nice to find a kindred spirit blogger.

    • Wazeau says:

      It is true, conure shriekage can be very taxing. After having Bandit for twenty-some years now, I think I am partially deaf. He has actually mellowed a lot. It is not him waking me up in the mornings any more, its the dern cats wanting breakfast 🙂 The pionus on the other hand is so sweet, gentle, kind, mellow, etc. etc. – well mine is anyway, probably shouldn’t generalize since he is the only pionus I know. I love both of them but I would never recommend a nanday conure to anyone as a pet who likes peace and quiet! I think a pionus however would be a perfect first parrot pet.

  7. Lots of pet shops and breeders don’t have Pionus because they are not ‘talkers’ or colorful. But I am glad for the recomendation. I hope to get one. As soon as I purchase a more permanent housing solution for myself I definetly want to bring birds back in my life.

  8. your ginger one looks like my jake! but he only has three legs

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