Cat Versus Chest of Drawers

Sassafrass attacking the dresser

My sweet Sassafrass decided to play with the chest of drawers in my bedroom tonight.  I’m not sure why she thinks it’s a fun toy, but who am I to argue with the Queen Bee of the household.


Before she engaged the piece of furniture, she did knock the plastic bag with my refilled prescriptions onto the floor.  That enticing noise may have been what set her off.

Sassafrass loses a round!

Oh oh, it looks like the drawers may be winning!  It has knocked Sass on her back!  Will she lose or win this epic battle?


Sassafrass rallies!  Take that, you evil hunk of wood!

Nekoka attempting to ignore Sassafrass

Nekoka chills out in the doorframe.  He pretends to be ignoring her antics, but even he can’t help but take a peek, wondering what in the hell she is up to.  He has not yet accused me of giving her catnip without sharing some with him.  I’d have to tell him that it is just Spring in the air.

Once again, I take no responsibility for the cleanliness (or lack thereof).  The maid has been slacking on vacuuming the upstairs area <adjusts halo>.

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4 Responses to Cat Versus Chest of Drawers

  1. ryoko861 says:

    That bag reminds me of the time my cat Hobie (who was very high strung to begin with) managed to get one of those plastic bag handles around her neck. She thought she was caught by something and was running up and down my hallway trying to get away from this bag that she thought was following her! OMG, I almost peed myself from laughing so hard. Poor thing.

    I wonder what goes through their minds when they play with things like your dresser. I know they like going in the drawers and if I take one out, they like going in the hole the drawer was in. Looking for mice?

  2. Wazeau says:

    Oh I can just picture the expression on your cat’s face. I bet afterwards she pretending she had planned the whole thing.

  3. Love the pictures and stories of your cats! One of mine, Bastian, has perfected the disappearing cat trick. When I pull the drawer out that holds their cat food, he climbs in, moves to the back which tips the drawer back a little, allowing him to climb over the back of the drawer and into the area under the settee, where the drawers are located. Lyra won’t go through there, so she sits and waits for him to come out. Which he does by putting his paws on the back of the drawer tilting it down, climbing in, then moving to the outside, which drops the drawer down enough for him to escape. Wise little creature, that. 🙂

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