Sink Time in the Spring Time

Bandit, my Nanday Conure, makes no bones about it – when he wants a bath, he lets me know by climbing down into the sink while I’m trying to clean my contact lenses after a long day at work. 

Bandit in the sink

I make him wait while I drain and refill the bathroom sink and let him go to town, while Merlin, the Bronze-Wing Pionus, watches from either the shower door or my shoulder.

Merlin keeps an eye out

I love watching Bandit taking his bath.  He isn’t too particular but he prefers colder to warmer water.  The washcloth helps him keep his footing while he splashes around under the dripping faucet.

Bandit getting dripped on

He likes it when I keep my fingers under the tap to make the water sprinkle over his head and back… but it is kinda hard to do that while keeping the camera dry.  Bandit can make the water fly an incredible distance.

Bandit getting into it

He likes to stick his head straight under the water and then ruffle up so the drips go down into his wings.

That feels so good

He used to make me fill up a big turkey roasting pan with a couple inches of water to bath in before he got used to going upstairs into the bathroom.  I’d have to carry it out into the living room where the cages were, and put it onto the seed cart before he’d take his bath.  It is so much easier now that he’s decided he prefers the sink.

Getting both wings wet

I can never get over how awesomely brilliant his green and blue feathers look with the flash on them.  He just fluffed up big time here, you can see the water droplets flying off him.

Making sure the back end is drenched

Dripping the water straight down the tail feathers while your butt is up in the air gets the back feathers nice and wet.

Bandit senses trouble from above

This is the point where Merlin flew down from the shower door onto my shoulder. Bandit knows this could be trouble.

Merlin gets into the picture

Yep, down goes Merlin onto the sink.  This is not a usual thing, he rarely leaves my shoulder or the shower door in the bathroom… but it is Spring, you know, and hormones are flaring.

Bandit vacated the premises

At this point Bandit abandons the sink for my shoulder, while I try to keep taking pictures instead of being a good parrot owner and removing Merlin from the sink.  Sometimes taking pictures gets precedence over good sense.  But since Bandit bailed I felt safe enough to record Merlin expressing how much he thinks he is All THAT!

Merlin is very proud of himself

Oh yeah, he’s bad. 

He vanquished the competition

Spring is about the only time that Merlin loses his normal calm, complacent attitude.  He is almost strutting about the sink.  My little rooster.  He doesn’t want a bath – he prefers taking a shower from a water bottle. 

Merlin sticks his toenail up his nose.

Bandit is giving him the finger from the safety of my shoulder.  Merlin could care less, he’s got his toenail shoved up his nostril.  He thinks he won this e-peen contest.  Parrot boys in springtime.  What a riot.

FYI – Flushable Moist Wipes work great on bird poop too.

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9 Responses to Sink Time in the Spring Time

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Oh, thanks for the tip! Since having the two chickens in the house til it gets warmer, there’s a generous amount of poop here and there. Sometimes it’s tough to get up! I like that idea of the wipes.

    The chickens don’t like water, they prefer dust baths, so occasionally you’ll see one or two hens that find a dust spot in the garden and give themselves a nice bath. Dust flying everywhere, but they love it!

    I love the way Merlin just sits in the sink and enjoys the water dripping down. A special treat! Fun to watch them interact with eachother. They must be great entertainment!

  2. Wazeau says:

    Better then TV that’s for sure, the entertainment value of parrots! I really want to get a series of Merlin under the squirt bottle, but that is harder to manage since I only have two hands.

  3. lifewith4cats says:

    I like the action shot with the water flying. But am looking forward to merlin and the squirt bottle if you can figure out to do it with out hands. (cause Merlin is my favorite of couse) 🙂

  4. nadbugs says:

    I’m crying for mercy over here. Round about the claw up the nose I totally lost it.

    So glad to meet you. I’m signing up for more of this. Torment.

  5. Liz Johns says:

    Love your images of Merlin taking a shower. My corella likes to shower in the rain, must get some pics of him doing that. Nice blog, by the way. I do an animal blog too. Feel free to pop by any time.

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  7. Hallysann says:

    Wonderful posting …
    Thanks again.

  8. Pingback: Sunday Showers | Wazeau's World

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