While I’m On The Computer

Nekoka hangs out in the hallway in his favorite position – flat out on his back.  I have never had a cat that spent as much time in this position.  He is shameless.

Nekoka sprawled out in the hallway

Sassafrass prefers to help herself to my lap.  This can be awkward as she doesn’t quite fit between me and the keyboard.  I either have to scoot way back, which makes typing hard, or suck in my belly so she can squeeze in there, which usually ends up with her face jammed between the underside of the keyboard drawer and my legs.  Not comfortable for either of us. 

Sassafrass on my lap

But how can you push this bundle of sweetness off your lap?

Yeah yeah, my purple pajamas again.  What can I say.

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6 Responses to While I’m On The Computer

  1. nadbugs says:

    Totally together w/ you on this. My fave is to be working in bed, which allows Bugs plenty of scope to flop on self. But then it’s totally impossible — as you say — to de-sweetnessify. I just stop and enjoy. Especially when he’s paddling on my throat and I can’t breathe.

    And as for your purple jim-jams? Mine are striped. This is the good thing about working at home. Had to go to court today so put on The Uniform. It’s off now, as I’m home again. The relief. Another woman in court had on these 4″ S&M heels. With a cuff around the ankle. ?????

    • Wazeau says:

      I must admit that the work clothes come off as soon as possible once I get home for the night. Socks and pj’s, parrots and cats, can it get any better than that.

      I don’t believe I even own heels anymore!

  2. ryoko861 says:

    It’s hard to type with one hand and hold a cat. Sassafrass looks SO comfortable and content! No, you can’t move them when they look so happy! Nekoka doesn’t seem jilted either. Happy to just hang out!

    • Wazeau says:

      Both of them tend to try to trap my hand with their paw while they are cuddled up. It looks so loving but its a trick! She just doesn’t want me typing when I should be petting her.

  3. Your pictures remind me of my house. I have 3 cats, 1 quaker, and 1 beagle. The one male of the bunch, Moose, is a huge all white long haired, “moose”. His favorite position is stretched out on his back. I take it as a sign he is comfy with his home.

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