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Merlin Does The Laundry

I have no idea why Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus, has this odd fascination with my laundry basket. I bring the full load down from upstairs and set it on the footrest while I run into the kitchen for something or … Continue reading

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Valley Forge in the Springtime

The sun came out this morning, surprisingly.  It was gone by lunchtime, and once again, it is gloomy and windy.  I took this entire week off to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, figuring that was about the best present I could … Continue reading

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Easy, Ladies…

There is plenty of Nekoka to go around.

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It Is Exhausting Being A Cat

So much work to do around the house, that when the opportunity arises, Nekoka and Sassafrass seize the moment for a cat nap. When the late afternoon sun soaks through the front windows, Mom’s bed is just too enticing to … Continue reading

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Flower Investigators

So my son tells me he is sending me flowers as a “I know your fiftieth birthday is Monday and today is Friday and I didn’t order you a present in time for it to get there for that huge … Continue reading

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They Know This Plastic Bag Means Cat Toys

I barely get the bags put down before Nekoka and Sassafrass pounce, demanding what they know is hiding in one of these plastic bags…. new toys! I love trips to the local Petco, because drooling over all the bird and … Continue reading

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Scratch My Head Please

This is what I go through almost every night after dinner while I’m drinking my coffee watching a movie.  Bandit, my Nanday Conure, perches himself on my hip and looks incredibly cute until I break down and start with the … Continue reading

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