Bandit Helps Himself

to some of my breakfast.  He can be quite cheeky that way.  He is named Bandit for a reason, after all.

Bandit stealing some grapefruit

Merlin has much more class.  He always waits till I offer him a taste.  Grapefruit does not appeal to him at all, which is odd because usually he is the one that prefers fruit while Bandit likes pasta and vegetables better.

Merlin tsks, tsks while Bandit eats

Both of them love yogurt though.  But not as much as I do so they only get a little taste.  I try to share but hey, yogurt is yummy.

Look at the pigeon toes on Merlin.  He is so funny when walks, he looks like a little penguin.  Don’t tell him I said so, he hates being laughed at.

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4 Responses to Bandit Helps Himself

  1. Kame says:

    So cute!!
    Bandit…you are so naughty!! … but, we are the same 😉
    When we were set on the floor and mommy was eating something, we will try to find a way to steal her food eventho we couldn’t eat without water

  2. nadbugs says:

    The original Pigeon-Toes! [keeping a straight face, for Merlin’s sake] [with difficulty].

  3. Sundry says:

    Every time I’m eating something I can’t share with my parrot, I have to stop and think that it’s not very good for me if he can’t have it! Good breakfasts were meant to be shared!

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