Finally, a New Chair

After over fifteen years of cushioning my rear end, my computer chair was ready for retirement.  I actually left the house this weekend and picked up a brand new computer chair.  I am so excited!

Nekoka and Sassafrass checking out the chair box

Of course Nekoka and Sassafrass, nosy as they are, had to immediately check out the box.  And yes, my kitchen is carpeted in a hideous orange carpet.  It was there when we moved in and I still haven’t gotten around to getting it replaced with nice, easy to clean linoleum. 

Time out for kitty kisses

They took some time out to give each other a quick tongue bath.  What any good brother and sister team will do in the middle of new box investigations.

Sassafrass sniffing around the new chair

I am so thrilled with the chair.  It was easy to put together, and it actually has a seat cushion that still, well, cushions.  the back is sturdy and supports the lower back nicely.  Of course I forgot that leather (even fake leather) is like catnip to cat claws, so I am going to have to keep a blanket or towel over it when I’m not sitting in it or it will be shredded.

Nekoka stealing my chair

Wait one minute!  What the heck!

Nekoka enjoying the morning sun in MY chair

Well, it was my new chair for a little while anyway.  Now, apparently, it is Nekoka’s.

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5 Responses to Finally, a New Chair

  1. nadbugs says:

    Wazzie, I’ll tell you where you went wrong here. The title. “A” new chair.

    Change it to “MY” new chair.

    See if that helps.

    Too sweet, the tongue-bath. My brother never did that with me! Would be a different world, if he had. . . .

    • Wazeau says:

      Hopefully he will only want to sit in the new one if the sun is shining on it.

      Love your sense of humor 😛 Tongue-lashing may be tolerable, tongue-bath eww from my own relatives. In fact I don’t think I would even let any relative BRUSH my hair…

  2. It is something with cats and computer chairs. I have one, a cat, that hops into my chair as soon as I get up. Probably because I have made it nice and warm for her, but this morning I got the surprise. I got up for just a split second and she moved in. When I came back around the corner I pointed to the desk and said “uh uh you need to get up and lay on the desk” She gave me the evil eye but she moved right to the desk. I felt so guilty kicking her off my chair that I picked her up and put her on my lap. Of course the moment was gone and she went back to her spot on the desk.

    • Wazeau says:

      I don’t think I have room ON my desk for a cat. Maybe squeezed behind the monitor. They already have laid claim to my lap at any time their little hearts desire. What’s worse is when you lean forward to grab something, and they ditch your lap to get between your back and the chair. Then they have the gall to whine and poke when you try to scootch back again!

  3. lifewith4cats says:

    I love watching cats investigate the new items brought into the house. They get to explore once in the box. and once again out of the box. and then the empty box itself. Its like a 3 in one toy.

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