They Were Once Kittens, Part II

If these weren’t enough to convince you that my sweeties were babies once, I dug out some more kitten pictures! 

Neko and Sass in window playing with the blinds

I love looking at my old pictures.  Not only have I replaced the actual windows since this was taken, but I also had to replace the horizontal blinds with verticals because the rambunctious little buggers ripped the originals from the wall.  And no, they allow no curtains in their house.

Sass and Neko ripping the covers off my old beat up footrest

Don’t they just scream trouble?  I interrupted something evil with my camera flash.

Nekoka destroying the water packaging

Just looking at this cracks me up.  Nekoka was such a violent little kitten.

Nekoka in the cat tube

This cat tube thingie lasted all of a month before I had to throw it out.  Nekoka is having a blast with his little feather toy.

I Love Catnip

Umm, Nekoka loves catnip.  Need I say more?

Sassafrass in the soda box

Sassafrass started following Cat Credo #1 at a very young age.  If she can fit in it, she sits in it.

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3 Responses to They Were Once Kittens, Part II

  1. nadbugs says:

    LOVE it! Sass looks like Nekoka dipped in chocolate. Caramel & chocolate. Good upon good.

  2. lifewith4cats says:

    Sass inside the water box while attacking it at the same time. I Love that picture. It should be famous.
    Is that a new flavor of coke? It looks yummy.

  3. Epic post, animals are awesome.

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